Learn Characteristics Crystal X Before Buying

Learn Characteristics Crystal X Before Buying - What is original crystal x? For those who like shopping, you'll already be familiar with the term "buy one get one". So many stores or shopping centers that offer the goods with such methods, not only engaged in the field of fashion, but the health care products was sometimes sold under the method. It feels like not really matter if you bought fashion thing or food under the method, but what about the health products? Can you imagine how bad if you consume the wrong product? These are the things you need to consider, because there are many counterfeit product sold in stores, so woman has to be more carefull.

carcteristic how to work crystal x
Women often have the problem of the female organs, such as vaginal discharge, smell, itching and even irritation that sometimes make feel uncomfortable. Lots of health products to solve this are sold on the market, so we don’t know wether its clinically safety or not, even original or not. But there is one product that has now been proven to be able to solve the problem, and clinically tested by chemical and pharmacy expert, namely Crystal X.

But, as we know, if there is one potentially product usually has a counterfeit product, sometime it can be similar on name, color or even physically similar. Like Crystal x, it has many counterfeit product that imitate all physical performance include of box, name, price, or the body of product.


There are several ways to distinguish original and counterfeit, among others:

1. The Physical Characteristics of Goods

Especially for those of you who have already received the product, you can observing the physical characteristics of the black box, which for original product, there are some unique code issued by Natural Nusantara company as a marker of original product, among other things:

a. On new generation, there is small touches that the black box has the stars flickering glare which viewed from different angles will produce shimmering colors and a variety of colors.

b. There is a rectangle rainbow hologram with the caption NASA sticks to the inside and the plastic seal, if the hologram is removed will leave marks on plastics and packaging, written as void.

c. There is a rectangle rainbow hologram color gold at one side of the black box packaging, if you noticed this hologram from different angles will appear IRU with a curved line underneath.

d. Listed the serial number of the publication. Without using any tool, the serial number can not be deleted, unless you rip off the plastic seal. This number is used to anticipate the sale of products that do not fit a predetermined procedure pt natural nusantara (NASA). This number will be recorded by stockist before it was issued to the distributors

e. Listed POM NA permit number 18151600018

f. Listed product registration number Reg. IDM000245253

g. Should the logo "HALAL" indicating halal products by MUI placed in the upper right corner of the black box packaging.

h. It should be noted that the packaging using the latest Crystal X mica on the inside

i. On the whole body of the packaging there is a NASA logo transparent

ATTENTION! The old packaging seal one end of a round. New packaging all the seals on the ends of the rectangle packaging.

2. Price of original product

Aside from the physical characteristics of the packaging box black, you can distinguish between original products and counterfeit from its priced. For information, the price of the original Crystal x to the end user is Rp 200,000.00, so that it can be concluded that the Crystal X products are sold under 200,000.00 is counterfeit product, even if you found the discount or price promotion, it should be and must be a counterfeit, so don’t ever think to buying.

3. Judging from distributors who sell products

Apart from the two points above, it can be seen from the characteristics of the distributor who sold it, where oficial distributors of Natural Nusantara company has characteristics among others :

1. Have an ID Card and has historical distribution of original product proven when it is verified to call centre.

2. Distributors have to mention a complete biographical data on the profile website including name, full address and contact person.

3. Official distributor will not sell product under price promotion or discount.

4. If the sale is done through online, social networking sites listed on a website that allows you to track further.


Original product has all benefits to female organ. It can reduce abnormal discharge, smell, irritation and another. It is supported by all content which extracted from natural source such as piper betle leaf, aloe vera, red seawed. But, who knows what the counterfeit is produce from? And how the safety? Was company which produce counterfeit considering all of heatlh produce necessary have, like original company did? No. We don’t know what its produce from, even its safety. So stop believing in promotion or discount, because it is totally danger for woman for using counterfeit.

Well, after writing all of the explanation, now is my turn to answer the question above and make a conclusion. What is original crystal x? this is the healthy product which is traded by Natural nusantara company, distribute by official distribution whose have an ID card with price original crystal x (IDR) 200.000 rupiah, which the product has all of the unique code marked on the black box as its packaging.

Okay. Thank you for your attention, and please contact as soon as possible the contact number on this website to get original.

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